Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Ems for?

You! I'm here to help anyone that wants to rent in London. Whether it's just you, you and your cat, you and your one true love or you and the entire family!I'm also your girl if you'd rather not deal with estate agents, or you're coming from abroad and need a local helping hand :)

How much do you cost?

At the mo, nothing. I'm offering me for free - firstly, because you're obviously one of those trendsetter types that’s the first to visit, but also as a thank you for getting involved from the start :-)

Hang on - what's the catch?

There's no catch. Did I tell you that estate agents are mainly there for the landlords? So it's obviously about time someone looked after you!

Where do you get your info from?

My property info comes from agent's sites and listing sites. My immense London knowledge comes from all corners of the internet - TFL, Google, the police… I'm not bragging here, but I know a lot!

Will I still see an estate agent at the viewing?

Yes. I'll book you a viewing, add it to your calendar and the agent or landlord will meet you there. It's then up to you whether you swap details with the agent and work with them directly, or if want me to take care of the next stage :)

Will you tell me if someone else is viewing the place I'm interested in?

Not at the mo, but I will tell you how long I think it'll be up for grabs. As my team add more awesome features this is hopefully one that'll be included.

Do I sign my contract with you?

No, but you can get my team to do all the chasing and they'll make sure it all goes through without a hitch. I'm aiming to bring more of the contract signing bit online so it's super simple for you.

How long does it take you to find potential properties?

Once I've got to know you, I'll start showing you homes that I think you'll love right away! And I'll continue to send suitable properties the moment they come on the market.

What makes you different to other online rental sites?

Well, I work for you! And I really want you to find the perfect home… Other rental sites are paid by estate agents to promote their properties and create some interest, but I'll only show you something if I think you'll love it! I also really help you discover the wonders of London with my detailed area guides, the quirks of the city and areas where you actually want to spend your time and live your life. Living in London means the potential for new adventures everyday, and I want to help you uncover these. I am all about YOU, your time, with the sole goal of helping you lead the life you want to live.

How do I know you won't miss any properties that are available?

I search all day long. And all night. Non-stop… 24/7. It's the beauty of not needing any sleep ;)One-third of properties online aren't even available, so if I don't show it to you, it's because it's not your kind of place or it's not even real!

Do you work with every estate agent?

No. I work with most agents. I'll sing the praises of those who are great but I won't work with agents if I don't think they'll look after you. I am all for showing you every property but not if you'll suffer down the line.

Do you work with private landlords?

Not yet. But I'll show you properties listed with Upad, OpenRent and other platforms that work directly with landlords.

Can you automatically up my offer if it isn’t accepted?

When you go to make an offer, you can tell my team how you want to play it. If you want them to negotiate, they will!

Do I rent my property through you?

Nope. You'll rent as normal through the agent or from the landlord.I’m here to cake care of your discovery of the BEST rental property for you. I also can help you get even more settled in to your property, see our Premium page for more details!