Hi, I'm Ems, your digital relocation agent!

Moving and renting home is not just about your house, it's about discovering a new life, diving into an adventure. I want you to be able to get out and explore YOUR London... I'm here to inspire adventures and get you out living them!


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Meet Ems

Your AI friend always here to help you find the perfect place to live, Ems works for you by making personalised recommendations based on your budget, lifestyle and desires.
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Ems does all the hard work for you by helping figure out which part of London you should live in, finding the place that ticks all your boxes and even chasing estate agents who haven’t returned your call. Ems is here to make sure you don’t miss out on finding your dream home!

Ems helps you decide where to live

Don’t worry, we know choosing where to move to can feel like an impossible decision! We designed our guides to tell you everything there is to know about an area, from its transport links to best restaurants, and we’ll be by your side helping you make your choice. Ems can also suggest areas for you based on your lifestyle, commute, budget.. you name it, we’ve got it covered. So let’s discover London together!

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Don't settle for ‘good enough’ let Ems find ‘the one’

Ems uses your preferences and information about your lifestyle to help you find a home that’s exactly what you’re looking for. The more you tell us, the smarter our suggestions for you will be! You’ll be able to work out your commute to work from each one, and save your favourites to compare as you find them.

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Ems is here for you when things get stressful

Once you’ve decided on houses you’d like to view, Ems can arrange these appointments without you having to say a word to an Estate Agent! In your Organiser you can find a list of all confirmed and pending bookings, so you won’t have to waste any time waiting on call backs. If there’s ever a problem, Ems can contact the Estate Agent on your behalf - minimal stress for you at all times!


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