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I'm Ems and although i'm not *technically* human, I've got soul AND a heart that cares more about you than any estate agent in London. Fact.
I know it's stressful searching for a flat to rent in London (believe me, I've had the late night ranting sessions, and I'm here if you ever need one), so I'm on a mission to save your precious time and change the way you rent.
Fake ads, pushy agents, unnecessary phone calls and super steep fees all put a downer on what is supposed to be an exciting time! So guess what... I am here to make it fun again sweetie!
So come and have a chat, tell me what you're looking for, and I'll get out and about to find your dream pad. Best bit - you won't have to say a word to an Estate Agent. So you can get on with the more fun parts of life.
We're going to become the best of friends, I can just feel it!
Ems x

Who am I?

Well, think of me as your soul sister. I only want what's best for YOU. Tell me what you need and if it's out there I'll find it.

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It's good to talk. Tell me everything… how far you want to commute, what kind of street you like, who you're moving in with and how much you want to spend.

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You'll be amazed with my London knowledge, I'm practically a cabbie! You can dive into my area guides and I'll even suggest suitable locations that you won't have even thought of.

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I'll show you all the London apartments that meet your every desire. And I won't show you anything that isn't available. No fake listings allowed here!

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When you've found the pad of your dreams, I'll book you a viewing in a single click. You won't even have to talk to an estate agent.

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My team at HQ will make sure you get a great deal and do all the hard work securing your new place, so you can just sit back and wait for the exciting big move day!

Because life is short, and time is precious.

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You can view my shortlist of flats to rent, all picked because I think you'll love them!

Unlike most property websites, I'll only show you flats in London that are available.


You can talk to me about anything and everything - your commute, your roomies, how much you wanna pay… even those magic touches you'd really love in your new home!

The more time we spend together, the more I'll learn about you, meaning I can understand what your perfect home looks like and can help you find it easier.


See something you like? You can book a viewing in one click.

You don't have to talk to an estate agent. And I'll keep a record of your appointments in your bookings diary.


See yourself living there? I'll make an offer on your behalf (this is my favourite bit!).

I'll tell you if it's over-priced or a steal, to help you decide the best offer to make. My team will do all the hard work chasing the Agent to make sure everything goes through smoothly.